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    Inward, by Yung Pueblo

    Connection and Healing Group


  • Inspiration

    “The only drug I’m interested in is the drug that we are pursuing in the first place: the drug of connection, of unity, of love.”
    - Russell Brand

    Art by Lori Portka

    I'm ready to live it. Not just read it.

    Do you spend your time reading, taking in social media quotes, listening to podcasts, and watching videos to inspire you, yet still crave a connection focused on you?

    • YOUR relationships
    • YOUR grief
    • YOUR weight stress
    • YOUR frustrations
    • YOUR isolated life that hungers for connection

    How can you be involved if you aren't INvolved?


    Don't give up.


    Do it afraid.


    Be true to your heart.


    Listen to your inner guidance.


    Make your goal integrity within- to yourself, then FOR the world who needs you.


    Move from intake of information to assimilation, application, and integration.

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    What Happens on the Call?

    Dig Deep for Big Results.

    Meditation * Discussion * Sharing * Book Excerpt Readings * Written Exercises * Poetry


    Members receive survey so content is personalized.


    Everyone has an opportunity to share. Call times are 60 - 90 minutes, on the 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:00pm/Central. Time will be divided as equally as possible between students. Students can choose to use their time sharing or giving a quick bullet point challenge, and have the group give you feedback.



    Why Connection?

    Trade typing for talking and screens for faces.

    Here's what connection, real connection, being seen and heard does for me:

    Connection and Healing Community Preferred Private Sessions

    From the comfort of your home, opportunity to enhance and accelerate your personal development and spiritual practice at 50% off (regular $97.00).

    Challenge and Support

    Accountability to Your Mission

    With feedback from multiple people, on different stages of growth, there will be times when you are challenged and times you feel supported. This container we create is for our highest good. Thoughtful feedback and sharing your challenges has the potential to awaken the insights waiting to be revealed.

    You Value Privacy

    SECRET Facebook Group

    You prefer small groups, person to person, or video because they facilitate deeper connections. You are not a fan of sharing your biz on social media. I get it!

  • Where I Have Been so YOU can GROW!

    "She (Stephanie) is very understanding of wherever anyone is at in their journey. She has lived through almost every aspect of that journey and continues to educate herself. She is open to guiding you down your own individual path using your own unique goals, tools and skills." Kathryn T. Watson

    My Background


    Professional Musician

    Lost & kept off over 100 lbs.

    Former Music Teacher

    Peaceful Weight Loss

    Grief Mentoring

    Songwriter for the following organizations: St. Cecilia School, ESA of Acadiana, and Junior League of Lafayette
    Female Lead- Napoleon on the Bandstand


    Over 100lb weight loss, Peaceful Weight Loss ebook on Amazon


    BS- Arts & Humanities


    Previous Certifications

    *State of LA- Vocal Music Education

    *NCTM National Certified Teacher of Piano

    Verne Varona’s Macrobiotic Advanced Study Training,

    Donna Vail, An Inspired Education, Coaching and Mentorship Program,

    Demartini Institute – Values Determination – The Workshop

    Demartini Institute – The Breakthrough Experience. (3)

    Regular training with Mentors and Coaches for ongoing self-development


    Geneen Roth, books and participant in her live workshop at Kripalu – “Women, Food, and God,”

    Gabrielle Bernstein – “Finally Full” Course – features spiritual practices – “Bring your quinoa and God.”

    Marlene Watson-Tara – “Weight Loss Nature’s Way” Course – features macrobiotic and Chinese Medicine principles.

    Dr. Pam Popper, Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor

    Received Personal Coaching with Julie Christensen, Protective Diet

    Insight Meditation Training


    Heart Health by e-Cornell certification

    Intensive on Self-Love with Vironika Tugoleva

    traditional therapy with specialists in eating disorders


    Court Appointed State Advocate Volunteer of the Year

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    We do not treat or diagnose. We offer you a way to increase appreciation for the magnificence of your life. All sales are final.